PCM Ultrasonic System options

The modular construction of the PCM system permits a customised adaptation of the hardware components. Customized options and variations are possible.

Application specific variations
  • 1 channel variably up to 200 MHz of digitization
  • 16 channels multiplexor variably with up to 200 MHz of digitization
  • Low frequency application, analogous range transmitter / amplifier 50 - 500 kHz
  • Low frequency application, (airborne sound) with higher transmit voltage of 750Vpp
  • 12 channels low frequency multiplexor
  • Reciprocity changeover switch to the flow measurement
  • Nondestructive material test
  • Flow measurement
  • Quality control
  • Customised test applications
  • Materials engineering
  • Medicine technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Process engineering

You receive further information to the PCM systems at pcm@inoson.de.