Flow measurement

With the ultrasonic time-difference procedure the volume flow can be measured by liquids and gases, regardless of which of electric conductivity and optical transparency. Besides, the sensors exist of an electronic module, transducers and a measuring pipe.

Inoson offers different customized electronic modules with adaptable interfaces. The necessary transducer and measuring pipes can be also covered from inoson. It is possible to adapt the electronics to available components.

On account of the modular draught we can offer to you fast an OEM solution specific for user and specific for use which can be integrated without any problems into her system.

Beside compact measuring instruments exact multi path applications are also available.

With pleasure we compile by her special demands a concrete solution proposal and deliver the necessary components. Besides, the uses reach from gas to liquids. Also high surroundings pressure and temperatures to 250°C (liquids) are possible.

You receive further information at info@inoson.de.