For the realisation of developments in ultrasonic technology inoson has developed special tools. The use of these tools is also possible as a service. Examples for this are:

  • Data banks with acoustic properties of fluids, gases and solid states
  • Software for the propagation calculation of ultrasound and for the simulation of piezoelectric resonators.
  • Off-line algorithms for the characterization of ultrasonic signals.
  • Models for laying out of ultrasonic converters.

With the available knowledge it is possible to make available the first theoretical feasibility analysis for customised uses.

In addition, an extensive measuring technology is available to the analysis of ultrasonic systems and ultrasonic components.

  • Sound field measurement places to the spatial characterisation of sound field distributions in liquids and gases.
  • Electromechanical analysis of piezoelectric ceramics and transducers.
  • Characterisation of damping and speed of sound in solid states, gases and liquids.
  • Examination of the reciprocity dependent on temperature and quality of ultrasound-flow spoolpieces.
  • High frequency ultrasonic transducer for geometrical precision measurements and to the inquiry or for comparison of material qualities.
  • Investigation of Delaminationen in composite materials.

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