Distance / Level measurement

The reflection of ultrasound waves in border layers is often used for the distance and level measurement. On this occasion, a sound wave which will conceive after reflexion in a border layer again is usually generated by means of ultrasonic converter. From the elapsed time the distance or the level can be determined. With unknown speed of sound it is possible with the help of an authoritative reflector to determine the speed of sound of the medium and the distance.
Inoson offers suitable electronics modules for the evaluation of such echo signals. In addition, different transducers can be delivered specifically for use and customised. The distance / level can be determined either about the air / gas (also ATEX) or, however, from the tank ground. With the latter are available moistening drily to the container wall coupling (e.g., for change container) or stuck sound converters. When required lays out inoson the sensor customised.

We offer customized sensor solutions for your application.
The requirements for the sensor can be varied:

  • Non-contact measurement of the level
  • Exact distance measurement
  • Simultaneous media supervision
  • Cost-saving solution
  • Battery-operated electronic
  • EX-protection requirement
  • Medical technology
  • Automobilindustrie
  • Material engineering
  • Process engineering

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