PCM Software

A quick initialization of the PCM functional components is guaranteed by the clear menus and light service of the PCM software. The capture of the ultrasonic signals and their signal processing are supported by extensive functions.

A huge number of functions is available to the user:

  • Saving and reloading of application-related set-up
  • an easy service of all parametres by clear menus
  • variable digitization of A-Scans in the interesting area (ROI)
  • Real-time display of signal qualities like frequency spectrum, amplitude...
  • Capture of additional physical sensor values for e.g. temperature or pressure
  • Compare functions by already stored signals with new recorded signal forms
  • Export functions to different data formats (Excel "TM", Matlab "TM", PDF, PNG)
  • with Programmers manual, C library for own system binding
  • if requested with customised algorithm

PCM User Interface

Comparison of different ultrasonic signals

Zerocrossing capture

You receive further information to the PCM systems at pcm@inoson.de.