PCM Ultrasonic System

The analysis of the ultrasound waves which have crossed an interesting object or medium permits the extraction of information as for example structure and elastic qualities. To penetrate this, linked with the quality of the ultrasound also opaque or moved media, a wide spectrum of technical and medical uses opens to the ultrasonic technology.

Examples of such qualities of media and materials which can be characterized by means of ultrasound qualitatively or quantitatively are:

  • Speed of sound, damping and viscosity
  • Density
  • Concentration and composition of multiphase fluids
  • Particles, air bubbles
  • Flow measurement, level and distance measurement
  • Geometry, surface state and material structure

Unfortunately, many technically interesting parameters are not to be extracted immediately from an ultrasound signal. Often special calculations and linking’s of different algorithms are to be generated necessarily for a result.

The PCM offers in this sphere a platform for the development of Ultrasound sensors, as well as an adaptable ultrasound capable of achievement to measuring system of the high range of application.

As a developing platform it is used directly within the scope of developing missions and will hand over after their end to the principal to the other use. In other cases the platform is immediately procured by the principal to be based independently or in parallel with the treatment of a F&E of order by inoson own, complementary development. No matter the system, accordingly modified can be used, also for high-quality duties in the area of the process control, e.g., supervision by gas pipelines.

The PCM is successfully used on account of its many-sided and highly adaptable application possibilities by different customer groups.

  • Sensor manufacturer
  • Car supplier
  • Investment construction
  • Sewage technology
  • Universities
  • External-university research establishments
  • Medicine and clinical research
  • Pharmaceutic research

In addition, the PCM is also attractive as a platform for every ultrasound-developing lab. One stresses that also facilities of the clinical research can use the PCM very successfully. Cost effective single channel systems with great flexibility does not exist, because the market is not served by the manufacturers of medical ultrasonic systems.

Download PCM Datasheet

You receive further information to the PCM systems at pcm@inoson.de.