Competence in Ultrasound Technology

During recent years ultrasound sensors are increasingly utilized for distance and flow metering, position detection as well as non-destructive materials and structure evaluation and characterization. This increase is undoubtly a consequence of the specific advantages that ultrasound based sensor systems bear:

Ultrasound Sensors

  • Ultrasound sensors operate non-invasively, i.e. even not accessible locations can be probed from the outside, e.g. monitoring flow in tubes through the tube wall
  • Ultrasound sensors are real time instruments providing immediate feedback for process control.
  • Ultrasound sensors are robustly working without moving parts and are less prone to fail while operating under harsh environmental conditions.
  • Developing new and applications specific ultrasound sensors requires engineers with many years of experience, However, the final systems are often produced inexpensively as demonstrated in the automotive industry
  • Even high performance ultrasound sensors can be produced inexpensively as demonstrated by ultrasonic parking aid systems.
  • Ultrasound sensors are particularly fitted to estimate mechanical material properties and detecting material failure.
  • Ultrasound sensors often complement or even replace other sensor for the better solution

The development of the successful ultrasound sensor system requires a high amount of solid knowledge in ultrasound physics and engineering combined with many years of practical experience.

In this environment of ultrasonic industrial, automotive and environmental application Inoson has been established in 2002 with the goal of developing, manufacturing marketing and servicing advanced ultrasound sensor systems.

The Inoson team accumulates a broad and renowned experience within the key technologies of ultrasound sensor systems:

  • Ultrasound transducers
  • Signal processing and state flow control
  • Ultrasound specific analog front end
  • Sensor electronics based on microcontroller, DSP or PC
  • Comprehensive virtual prototyping using Finite Element Modeling and Analysis (FEM/FEA)

Focusing solely on ultrasound and consequently pursuing the system oriented approach Inoson is able to address successfully every step in the genesis of an ultrasound sensor system by in house resources ranging from simulation, development of key components such as transducer, hard and software) to manufacture the final sensor system.

Inoson offers its customers support for component development as well as for complete systems. In addition Inoson is committed to active knowledge transfer and is therefore also an ideal partner for customers with less or even no prior experience in ultrasound system technology

Inoson executes tasks project oriented. Each contract may include consulting, proof of concepts, prototyping and manufacturing support as desired.

On customer request Inoson manufactures and delivers the transducer component of the system. In addition Inoson offers manufacturing various other system components (hard- and software) or even the complete system.

Inoson production is customer specific: Inoson delivers base systems to be modified by the customer or OEM equipment.

Inoson’s long experience in product development resulted in the creation of a broad and comprehensive simulation toolbox as well as it lead to the product PCM (Process Control Platform) the very versatile hardware platform for developers.

These tools are offered to Inoson's customers.

Inoson clientele is worldwide and from different fields of applications: To name a few:

  • Sensor industry
  • Automotive supplier
  • Automation Industry
  • Water treatment industry
  • Research laboratories (intra and extra university)
  • Biomedical clinical research
  • Pharmacy

Inoson GmbH and Inc. commits itself to achieve competiveness at the front of current knowledge in science and technology

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