Ultrasound Bubble Detector UBD 100

Particles and gas bubbles often interfere with process technology like filling- cast- or mixing procedures. To be able to control the process media regarding included particles or gas-/airbubbles will optimize the start process of such technologies and will reduce rejections. The UBD100 is using ultrasound based methods with their ability of reflections at boundary layers. By using combinations of reflected, scattered and transmitted waves as well as the not immersed coupling of the ultrasound transducers the UBD100 is dedicated to broad applications as

  • Paints, lacquer, resins
  • Food
  • Thin films
  • Light sensible or opaque fluids
Technical data:
  • 1 to 5 sensor channels within one rack.
  • Standalone mode and interfacing to an available process-control system possible
  • Single particles up to 30 um identifiable
  • IP67 sensors, chemical resistant, smooth
  • Self test and failure detection
  • 4..20 mA signal output
  • configurable alarm outputs

application specific modification of hard- and software

You receive further information at info@inoson.de.