Ultrasonic System PCM 20HV

A test system with different components is necessary for the analysis of ultrasound waves. The PCM system unites in a device all hardware modules, as for example a variable, programmable waveform generator to the transmitter stage, an adjustable low noise amplifier with a digital signal processing. The application-related parameterization of the system permits a very quick initialization of the functional components and delivers all physical properties of the measuring construction to the user.

  • Programmable Output power up to 1500W at 50Ohm
  • A broadband low noise amplifier with time gain control
  • 12 bits Analog to Digital Convertor, variable upto 20 MHz of digitization rate
  • Programmable waveform generator (transmitter)
  • USB 2.0 PC data / parameter communication
Application sample

Density measurement of gas concrete.

B-Scan of gas concrete

You receive further information to the PCM systems at pcm@inoson.de.

Funded by the European Fund for Regional Development